How to Start A Collection

May 25, 2017


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In November 2016’s issue of House & Garden Magazine, Jennifer Goulding interviews co-founder Wentworth Beaumont, alongside a handful of other industry professionals, on how to make informed decisions when it comes to collecting art. Please refer to the print copy for the full article.

How to Start A Collection

Rule 1: Buy what you love

Crashingly obvious perhaps, but be sure you love what you buy.  ‘It should give you that fluttering feeling in your stomach,’ advises gallery owner and art dealer, Rebecca Hossack (  The vogue for buying art as an investment or for profit is not recommended. ‘It is very difficult to predict price patterns, even in the long term,’ cautions Wentworth Beaumont, an art advisory and co-founder of Beaumont Nathan (

Rule 4: Give your collection a focus

‘Concentrate on a particular medium, period or theme. This will sharpen your eye and focus your learning,’ suggests Caroline Douglas, director of Contemporary Art Society (  Wentworth concurs, ‘Have a strategy. It could be anything from a common subject matter or links between the artists. Buying pieces here and there is a common mistake that makes for a poor collection.’

Rule 9: Presentation is key

‘Minor works can look fantastic with the right frame and lighting. Likewise, the wrong frame and bad lighting can lessen the impact of a major work,’ says Wentworth. ‘I have never found a painting that does not look good against “Mole’s Breath” by Farrow & Ball.’